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Rochester Top Businesses

Updated: May 14

We want to acknowledge our communities leaders of upcoming and locally known business owners who shows excellence in branding as well as being a positive and impactful example of success.

If you would like to learn about Rochester NY urban businesses here's a list of a few:

Legends Clothing & Footware

(585) 544-1485

1109 Hudson Ave,

Rochester, NY 14621

Rxch Xchange 10am-5pm

Flower City Kicks

(585) 270-5875

245 E Main St Suite 2,

Rochester, NY 14604

Taste Of kay

(585) 210-9056

Get Litty Smoke Shop

(585) 287-5896

515 Dewey Ave,

Rochester, NY 14615

RAAB Entertainment

(585) 369-4694

Winner Circle Barbershop

(585) 604-6378

463 North St,

Rochester, NY 14605

Kelvin's Magic Wings Eatery

(585) 604-6378

463 North St,

Rochester, NY 14605

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