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Juice Facts: Top #10 Exclusive

Updated: Jan 11

Our primary target here at The Juice Radio is to help uplift the underdogs and the ones that are overlooked. We cater to artists that are just starting to make music and need correct guidance or those that has undeniable talent but is overlooked.

The artists we chose to be on the Top 10 Exclusive are artists the we at The Juice personally enjoy, We choose to learn music from upcoming artists to help meet our goals of uplifting those who contribute to hip-hop & deserves recognition.

With a friendly competition on the Roc Board of a few Flower City Superstars, new artists have a chance to put there song up against a superstar. The Top 10 gives any artists an opportunity to work really hard and us at The Juice would be sure to give that artist the recognition he or she deserves.

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