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Rappers & friends show their condolences

Due to the passing of popular upcoming rapper Gunplay Giati there has been a strong wave of condolences and the sharing of great memories. This rapper had so much love and this unfortunate turn of events really shown that.

Image From Giati's Funeral:

Below is a few ROC artists that shared their thoughts:

V Cianni: "Never forget the day you jumped out on me with the “What’s Gangsta “ Song and already had the idea for the video soon as I heard it I seen your vision and I’m happy I was able to bring it to life for us brother had my momma in that video with my kids and all I had genuine love for you"

Mob Steelz: "Love u kid…. We dropping again soon"

Jay Hendo: "Stg big bro I done seen that casket close and that be my last memory of a mf I love fr, I rather remember the best version of you and all da good shit"

D5ive: "Sorry Vi I Woke Up Ready Buh I Can’t Bring Myself Seein’ You Like That I Done Seen 2 Much Of The Ppl I Love Like That. You Was My Real Homie I Can’t See You Like That My Heart"

Speedy Msk: "Long Live Giati Gelatti the night at our podcast Unbothered LLC sends condolences to the family and closest friends glad to be with you prior"

Faheem (Swanko): "Lost one of the realest brothers I have, things will never be the same. Today you taught me something important and that’s legacy is everything you left a mark on everyone who stepped for you today I love you forever V.i and that’s on my heart momma"

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