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Meet "Skandolus" 🌟

Meet Rochester’s own “Skandolus” an artist/audio engineer with a god giving ability of creating lyrics. Seriously when you hear skan’s music you will be amazed at the precision of his flow and timing of his lyrics.This guy is a force to be reckoned with!

Skan is a man who watched our culture thrive in a city with many disadvantages.That’s exactly what drove Skan to create relationships with artists that share the same passion as him to get their voice heard.

Skan gas an unstoppable drive with a laser focus work ethic. He has a huge passion to give more than he takes, automatically creating a humble person which translates to his ability to produce amazing work for affordable prices.

Being a reliable honest & trustworthy man, Skan has the up most respect amongst our Hip-Hop community. Having such a big impact on our community turned around and worked in Skan’s favor after a terrible accident that ruined most of his studio equipment, everyone in our community pitched in to a GoFundMe for Skan, to return better and stronger than ever before.

Skan has a mindset of someone who wants balance and equality amongst our culture, doing his best to be a man of honor and standing firm for what he believes in.

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