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Meet "Remy" 🌟

Meet Rochester’s very own “Remy” a 21 year old female artist with a lot to get off her chest. Remy has a unique flow that she uses to connect with the beat, matching the rhythm with her lyrics in complete harmony.

Remy started rapping in 2020 being introduced to the game by her close friend “Red Rum” a female artist who stamped her name in this city in the best way. Remy met Red Rum in 2014 and since the day they laid eyes on each other they've been an inseparable duo.

Remy has always been a great singer/poet and as she would watch her friend in the studio, Red Rum would encourage her to get behind the mic to lay down a verse. Her first time actually recording in a studio stirred up a lot of anxiety and Remy would record her verses over and over again with a lack of confidence.

As a true friend Red Rum would NEVER let Remy feel down or unconfident about the way she was recording, creating a safe zone for Remy to open up and truly say what she has on her heart.

Being that Remy always had a passion to create music, her and Red Rum decided to become a duo as they both take turns ripping a track and sharing it with their fans to love.

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