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Meet "Lique" 🌟

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

If you ever need a chill, smooth sound to listen to, meet Rochester’s own Lique Gz. If you know how this guy gives it up, you know that he is the definition of a lyrical poetic genius. Lique is a 21 year old artist whose hometown is in Kingston Jamaica he has a musically inclined family with his mother being a singer and brother being a drummer.

Lique Gz is a multi-talented artist as well as writer. He has a unique natural ability of producing quality material including storylines for books, drawing artwork as well as writing poetry. Lique has a deep love for the creation of art, and the art of expressing the freedom of oneself.

Lique started rapping at 9, growing up he began developing himself as an artist putting lyrics together with dedication to record his music. He knew that he was living his purpose, as he pray and has a deep spiritual connection with himself.

In 2019 Lique had a chance to promote his music in LA on the walk of fame and randomly stumbled upon an opportunity for a radio interview.

Lique live performances have an energy that speaks volumes, his mind, body and soul has a connection as it roar’s through the crowd. With his diverse and unique flow Lique attracts a specific crowd that understands raw unapologetic emotions..

truly a beautiful way of expressing oneself.

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