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Meet "Lil Tyke" 🌟

Born and raised in Rochester NY, meeting our very own “Lil Tyke” transitioning back in fourth from central Florida since he was kid gave tyke a few different perspectives on our hip-hop culture. His grandma (mom’s mother) gave him notebooks at 10 years old, not knowing what to do with them, Tyke began putting words together describing the things that were happening around him through the lenses of a 10 yr old.That moment marks the start of his love for creating poetry

Tykes dad had an established studio, his dad was an inspiring rapper unknowingly developing the musical foundations for lil tyke to be able to build from in the future “Ayo dad I want to rap” Tyke will always say, watching his dad engineer music and paying close attention to the process soon made Tyke fall in love with the art as the music developed and was crafted into a full song.

Tyke started making music using his phone and garage band, with the quality of his music being unpolished without a professional sound forcing him to start saving & investing into his own equipment. One of the biggest struggles for him coming up as an artist was finding his flow. Back in this time if you would ask Tyke he would say “I WAS TRASHH” lol. He would hear all the time that he had the potential to be a great artist, but deep down he knew they were just being nice & trying to support him.

As time went on, Tyke developed and sharpened his flow maximizing his potential. With the combination of his desires and dedication to push himself to new heights. Polishing his flow with his new equipment, Tyke transformed himself from an aspiring artist that needed a few adjustments, to making those adjustments creating a one of a kind artist that inspires all who hears his music.

Tyke always had critics and had a lot of criticism towards his music but as time went on the positive impact he was making on himself and on others out weighed anyone else's opinion towards him or his music. Tyke’s #1 rule as he carries himself in this game is to keep going no matter the obstacle in front of you. Controlling yourself is how you can fully reach your destination with confidence. Lil Tyke feels that he can help spark someone's brain in the best way towards the GREATNESS of our culture.

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