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Meet "Lil E3" 🌟

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Coming from the westside of Rochester meet “Lil E3” an upcoming artist on the rise. E3 developed a passion to put words together that rhymed and decided to start recording himself through his phone.Which started the begining of his burning desire and aspirations of making incredible music.

Lil E3 grew up and connected with various local artists that he met from highschool or around the city but one artist he became close friends with named “Yrn Frosty” really helped him sharpen his potential & become a support system as well as a true friend.

One of E3 first major performance was at “Lil Perco” (artist) graduation party, ripping the stage with an epic performance. You can catch E3 around the city at local showcases either supporting his friends on stage or taking control of the mic & demanding the attention from the crowd while performing his latest song.

E3 makes music as an example of someone who chases their dreams and the substance he puts into his music he hopes impact the people listening… hoping they reach inspiration to chase their dreams.

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