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Meet "LaLa Yello" ✨

Meet Rochester’s own “LaLa Yello'' a female artist with an unstoppable creative drive, Being an artist, is not taken lightly by LaLa. She’s an artist in various different aspects from; creating music to drawing and even doing tattoos. If you ask LaLa she would say “art is like breathing so I do it in my sleep” Sharpening her talents into tools & having a supreme marketing ability is what help take her image as an artist to the next level

LaLa is a successful local artist with a track record of consistent dope music. LaLa has a fanbase that taps into everything she posts, proving the impact she made in our city is evident. Having more male artists than female in our city, shines a bright light on LaLa to create and present her art because she’s one of few with a polished and professional sound with the substance that us as fans love to consume.

What sets her apart from other female artists, is her consistency & a discipline to keep her fans up to date with her new music. One of her proudest achievements this year was being on a popular platform named On The Radar ripping a freestyle over the oochie wally beat. With pure determination and an almost hypnotic way of presenting herself, LaLa created a formula where she doesnt lose.

LaLa says she treats her music like a baby she’s raising, giving her the mindset to nourish and be patient with her art. LaLa has the ability to make timeless music, being so connected to her craft she finds her own flaws before anyone can point them out. She also has the dedication to use all of her resources for the greater good of creating amazing music.

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