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Meet "KGEO" 🌟

Meet our youngest turnt Rochester artist named “KGEO” with songs that you can’t help to listen to, and be proud that we have such a talented star living right here amongst us in our city. KGEO is a gifted rapper with a melodic tone that anyone with ears would enjoy listening to, his punchlines, hooks and verses will leave you mesmerized and keep you waiting for his next release.

KGEO networking skills and ability to adapt with different personalities is one of his key traits on being a well known popular artist throughout the town with features ranging from Major League Polo, Ayo Fazo, and even V’cianni. With a track record of his, KGEO has created a foundation that most aspiring rappers can’t even come close to, being that he’s still in his teens this artist made such an impact for our youth now being a role model for our future aspiring rappers to look up to.

Some struggles for KGEO is the process of trusting people, he has such a genuine and likable personality that KGEO can’t let people take his kindness for weakness. Not knowing who’s really there for him or just wants to be on his tour bus once the fame comes, KGEO handles people very strategically. Sometimes he can have dark moments where he feels complacent and there can be a lack of support so he chooses his friends very wisely so that the people he surrounds himself with has his best interest at heart.

KGEO has a deep passion for listening as well as creating music. He likes to be able to vent what’s on his mind and to be able to express who he really is on a track, without any judgment or feeling like he has to talk to someone directly about what he’s going through. KGEO has some of the best music this town has to offer within his own lane, crafting his sound and adding his spark of charisma. As soon as you play a KGEO song you won’t be able to turn it off.

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