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Meet "Kare$$" 🌟

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

From Oakland California all the way to Rochester NY meet “Kare$$” pronounced kə-ˈres like a light gentle, hug or squeeze or Karess can make plans to body you on a track and execute with flawless victory….see how you can pronounce her name and mistake her identity.

Back in 2016 while Karess was spitting a few lyrics, some of her friends overheard her and said that she should consider becoming a real rapper. The only real rap experience kare$$ could remember, was when she wanted to be in a female rap group in middle school. After the girls said she had to be fire to join them, she came to school the next day spitting lyric after lyric, shocking the girls with amazement.

In 2019 Kare$$ decided to start taking rap serious and as the years went on she became victim to every artist’s worst enemy… writers block and around that time she was in the process of finding her sound

With the lyrical talent and control of a beat, Kare$$ found her flow with beautiful precision. She can play you one of her tracks and just like her name, it can hypnotize you with its beauty… or can shock the hell out of you with amazement!

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