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Meet "Infadasafendi" 🌟

From Brooklyn NY all the way to Rochester meet a top dawg by the name of “InfaDasafendi” pronounced Infa-DAS-a-Fendi, former name Infa Montana but growing as an official artist, made Infa change his name because he found out other cats was using the same “Montana” attribute he choose. Being from Brooklyn and hearing “that’s a fact” then soon “dats a fendi” from his friends describing something being a fact, made Infa stamp the name and today he goes by INFA-DAS-A-FENDI. Infa was born into a gifted family being raised by his mother, he became very close with her brothers who were all musically inclined. One of his uncles at 13, started making music and young Infa paid attention soon deciding to become a rapper himself. Infa grew up around the 2000s in the very place where hip-hop was born…NYC. The greatest rappers of all time were just strolling through his neighborhood and the musical influence that surrounded him, helped Infa craft his sound and sharpen his image as an artist.

Going through the trials and tribulations in life created a urge for Infa to be able to express himself through his music, Infa knew at times it can be hard to translate what’s on his mind as he needed to vent his deepest and darkest issues, so Infa pour his mind all over his music grabbing the attention of those who share the same problems.

Once Infa saw the results from his music, he began to study the business behind the music, implicating key tools & resources into his musical career. Infa organized all of his credentials and knowledge to become one of the most versatile talented rapper this city has to offer.

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HB  Cozy
HB Cozy
Jun 18, 2023



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