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Meet "Bankboy Taydo" 🌟

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Come to the southside of Rochester and meet “Bankboy Taydo” or as he would call it “Mexico City” the place where he grew up and discovered his talent as an artist. In 2018 Taydo found his passion to make music with his friends one of them including “Lil Bank” an upcoming artist that gave taydo the support as they both shared a desire to create beautiful music.

In 2019 the bankboys were created, dominating the music scene with there huge impact on our city being known to create some of the best music this town has to offer. Performing around the city at every showcases even creating tour dates for their fans to follow there epic performances.

In the beginning Taydo discovered the challenges of crafting himself as an artist. A few things he focused on as he grown musically was his image and developing a habit to be consistent when releasing music.

Taydo makes music for himself to express where he’s at in life at the moment or he can take you back to his past and explain his hardships and strugglest hoping to inspire whoever’s listening to his music, to never stop or give up on what you believe.

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