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CONGRATS “Mob Steelz" become Rochester #1

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Rapper Mob Steelz has been trail blazing with rapid success upon his music releases, and before we knew it he announced that he's going to be collaborating with well known rapper "Lil Perco" which is a big deal.

Below is a image from there Music Video: "Choose You ft Lil Perco"

The first time listening to the release of "Choose You" by Mob Steelz featuring Lil Perco, was an unforgettable moment, at the station we couldn't stop playing the song. Hearing the hypnotic sample from the soundtrack of the 1973 movie "The Mack" a song by the name of "I Choose You" by Willie Hutch. They couldn't had choose a better sample to match the delivery and drive of this track... and giving his song the same name as the original source of the sample gave a veteran touch as well. All the reason why we are honored to nominate "Mob Steelz" as Rochester #1 Artist.

Becoming a superstar is hard work and Mob Steelz is well on his way. From the structure of the releases of his music to the cadence and delivery of his music. Mob Steelz has great progress in the rap game as his music caries a buzz with every release of his singles, music videos and albums.

Social Media: @MobSteelz

Youtube: Play Mob Steelz

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